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6th Bardoniva - international gathering for Lada Nivas only

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Lada Niva Club Italia organizes the [img_assist|nid=61|align=right] 6th Bardoniva International gathering for Lada Nivas only Val di Susa, 26/27 June 2010 Program:

  • 26th June :
    • h 10:00/11:00 - rendez-vous with participants at the meeting point in Susa (TO), "autoporto" whereabouts
    • h 12:00 - departure for excursion through former military white roads (no particular setup needed, possibly bring strops and clips). Bring packed lunch!
    • h 17:30 - estimated time for arrival in Pian del Frais, at the Hotel Belvedere
    • h 19:30 - dinner at the hotel (dinner price: 20,00€ - overnight stay and breackfast price: 30,00€)
  • 27th June:
    • h 8:30 - departure for excursion, we'll reach Colle dell'Assietta (about 2700 m ) through white roads
    • h 12:30 - estimated arrival time at the restaurant where we'll friendly conclude the gathering

The program may be subject to variations in case part of the route was unviable due to snow. Registration fee is 10€ for each car Registrations are due before 20th of June 2010.