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Welcome to Lada Niva Club Italia new web site. The site is still everchanging and improving, and most probably some things are out of order and/or only partially working; don't despair thought, as in time we'll try to fix everything so that the new site will offer all the features of the old one, and possibly more!

Some sections have been copied and adapted from the old site, especially the ones about the club and image galleries. Others, like forum, are still in development stage improving. We will provide soot a "help" section as a guide for users to new functionalities of the web site.

If you want, you can help by pointing out bugs, errors and such: to do so, you can use the contact form and selecting the "Segnalazioni sito" (site reports) category. Send us suggestions and future enhancement requests too: we'll try to meet your needs if possible.

Club Members can also enrich site content by uploading their pictures (and soon videos too!) of gatherings or of their Niva cars. To make the site more "international" we'd need the help of ranslators too.

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